Pure Luxury

We do slow fashion, using only 100% natural materials, like wool, hemp, organic cotton, linen, Tencel and peace silk. They offer timeless quality, skin-friendly breathability and durability. Our permanent collection makes sure that we are not dependent on the fashion calendar. We are also proud to offer a small selection of non-dyed garments.

Circular Design

We are proud to present you with 100% biodegradable, plastic-free garments. We purify our designs by stripping them down to the core and rebuilding them in a sustainable way. Wrapping systems, biodegradable buttons, oldschool tailoring & cotton yarn replace zippers, glues & metals. This way your garment is easy to recycle and ensures it won’t end up in landfill or pollute the ocean.


We strongly believe that the value and quality of a garment is defined by its roots. We find out which farmer, shepherd and animal provide us with valuable raw materials. We do in-depth research to build a meaningful creation chain. It is the only way to guarantee all humans, animals and the environment were treated with the highest respect.

Ethical Production

It’s our conviction that anyone has the right to get satisfaction from their work & proper pay. We believe that structural change can only happen by supporting the people who stand at the very beginning of the process. Thus, we keep our production chain as short and local as possible. We consciously support small family businesses and craftsmanship.


Animal Welbeing

We guarantee that no animals are harmed making your garments. We believe in a respectful and grateful collaboration between man and animal, and hold to the highest standards of animal wellbeing. Are you vegan? Don’t fret: we have a wide range of options available!


We promise full disclosure about your garment’s origins, material and production. We do this to empower you to make a well-informed choice, so you are comfortable knowing exactly whom you support with your purchase. This openness is key in the fight against the smoke and mirrors of the fast fashion industry. So feel free to ask us anything!


Be Part of the Movement & Wear Our Garments In Good Conscience