Pure Sustainable Materials

Pure Sustainable Materials

Our collections are made from organic, renewable, biodegradable
and regenerated sources. We are committed to profound research of suppliers.

Belgian Linen & Hemp

Known as a local product with the lowest ecological impact, linen & hemp plants provide us with beautiful fabrics for spring, summer & fall.

Portuguese Ethical Wool

Local tradition from the Serra da Estrela. Wool has natural antibacterial properties & does not wrinkle. Wear all year round.

Organic Cotton

Ugandan fibers, produced in Germany. Because of its high ecological impact, we choose to limit our use of cotton.


Tencel is a fabric made from Eucalyptus in a closed loop production process in Germany. It falls beautifully & feels cool to the touch.

Upcycle & Deadstock

We use leftover fabrics from designers when we do not find a supplier for a certain item that meets all our requirements.

Recycled Cashmere

Our cashmere from Italy is 100% recycled. We chose these yarns because we could not find traceability up to the goat & so we could not guarantee its wellbeing.

Handwoven Peace Silk

Woven by women in India that learned their trade from Belgian vzw Solid. We create limited edition pieces with this fabric, to showcase its preciousness.

Biodegradable Corozo Buttons

Often referred to as “vegetable ivory”, the Corozo is the seed of a tropical palm. This natural product is completely biodegradable.

Non-treated fabrics

We provide our items in linen & wool also in a natural color. This means that during the production process there is no use of bleach, dye or other chemicals.