Eles Pants are our staple wide legged pants. Instead of closing in the front, they have a fake fly in front and an invisible closure in the left pocket. This makes for a flatter front pant, so that even with the added pleats this pant will fall nicely around your body.

There are two pockets in front, two welt pockets in the back. Our pants can be adjusted easily to fit your specific measurements. The hem can be taken in but also taken out, as we always use a double hem. Also in the waist, it’s easy to change the position of the buttons, to make it fit a bit more snug, or let it out somewhat.

The Eles Pants is now also available in German Tencel. As always stitched with cotton yarn, biodegradable Coroso buttons and entirely made out of one material, to facilitate recycling once the piece has reached it’s end of life. However, by taking good care of your items and having repairs done, you can prolong your piece extensively. You are always free to contact Ida&Volta about the possibilities.

100% Tencel (Germany)
Finished with biodegradable Corozo buttons.
Made with care in Ghent, Belgium.

This garment is biodegradable, buttons included.
Please cherish your garment by taking good care of it
Wash with other garments in the same color
Do not use agressive detergents or bleach
Air drying is friendly for your garment and the environment
Turn your garment inside out for ironing




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