Ida&Volta at Neonyt fashion show

Wauw. Ida&Volta at Neonyt! Big win for Ida&Volta at the start of 2020. Our upcycled sleeping bag coat got a place in the Neonyt fashion show!

When first receiving word of our preselection for NEONYT fashion show, we could hardly believe it. We were finalizing our summer looks, when all of a sudden we needed to think about winter already. This upcycled sleeping bag coat had been on our mind for some time. Since the theme for this year’s fashion show was “Back to nature – High street fashion meets outdoor”, the sleeping bag coat was born.

Ida&Volta at NEONYT made possible by

As a very small startup label from Belgium, we could not have been happier with this opportunity. Preselection was made possible by the team from Cosh ; a Belgian platform aimed at making sustainable shopping easy. Every brand is carefully researched on what makes them sustainable. On their website you can create your own personalized sustainable shopping trip. Be sure to check them out, sustainable shopping & supporting your local shops made easy!

Of course we are also very grateful for the organization behind Neonyt. This is where you need to be as buyer, influencer, designer, journalist, … interested in sustainability. It is a platform where innovation meets slow fashion tradition; to advance a radical new fashion industry. Set in Europe’s largest protected historic landmark (Tempelhof, Berlin), the trade show made the most out of it’s timelessness to address the growing concern for this polluting industry.

Ida&Volta at NEONYT

With this sleeping bag coat, along came the idea of making this a more permanent piece for Ida&Volta. This is a unique piece made from two of our very own sleeping bags & we do not have this laying around. BUT you can now send us your old worn & torn sleeping bag; and we will create a unique piece made solely for you! Send us an email if this would make you very happy!