Why recycled silver is the better choice

Why recycled silver is the better choice.

What is Ecosilver?

Ecosilver is an ethical alternative to newly mined silver, made of 100% recycled sterling silver. It is made from old jewelry, medical equipment, electronics and giftware that is melted down and reformed into workable wire, sheet, grain and solder. No purity is lost in the recycling process so recycled silver is of the same quality as newly mined silver, but dramatically more sustainable.

The process of silver recycling is dramatically less damaging in terms of CO2 emissions and pollution. It also expends far less energy. Carbon emissions from sourcing recycled silver are a third of those of mined silver.

Ida&Volta sources local

We source from as close to home as possible, minimising transport and maximizing transparency. By sourcing from within European regulated countries, we rest assured that waste management and health regulations have been followed. Our ecosilver comes from a UK based company, Cooksongold, because they do not outsource the process to another country, thereby further reducing the silver’s environmental footprint.

Sustainability: Ecosilver versus mining

When silver is not recycled, it is newly mined. About 30% of silver comes from actual silver mines, the remaining 70% is a by-product of mining for other metals. Both mining practices come at a high environmental and social cost.

Mining silver greatly impacts the environment. 

It causes erosion, releases toxins into the air and contaminates soil and water by the use of chemicals. Metal mining contributes to climate change as it requires an incredible amount of energy, not to mention the ongoing melting and processing operations which emit greenhouse gases. The landscape is often left with sinkholes and a loss of biodiversity.

Mining companies often exploit people 

Mining companies often exploit people by having them work in unhealthy and dangerous conditions when digging for minerals. Child labour, in particular, is a big problem in mineral mining industry. They work both above ground, and underground in mine shafts and tunnels, where they risk death or serious injury from landslides, tunnel collapses and explosions.  Plus, all the air that they breathe is filled with dust and sometimes toxic gasses.

We believe recycled silver is the better choice, because it causes less harm to environment & people working in the sector. And of course because silver can be recycled without losing its quality or luxury.